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The Angel at Casa Stradivari

The journey undertaken in 2020 by the Stradivari The Angel ex-Madrileno of 1720, a masterpiece forged by the hands of Antonio Stradivari, from Geneva to Cremona thanks to the support of Stradivarius Art & Sound, has been the beacon that guided the rebirth of Casa Stradivari. This magnificent instrument, with its rich history and enchanting sound, has become a source of inspiration and a tangible connection to Stradivari's legacy, enabling us to revive the memory of Casa Stradivari and reconnect with the roots of music.

Photos of the exceptional instrument, graciously provided by Yuma Murata, reveal the ineffable beauty and extraordinary craftsmanship of this violin. Each image conveys an intense and vibrant emotion, a resonance that seems to still permeate the air of the house.

You are invited to discover and immerse yourself in the sensory experience these images offer, to let yourself be carried away by the resonance that seems to still vibrate in the air. This is Casa Stradivari: a place where the past and present of music unite, offering an unforgettable experience for every visitor.

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