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ground floor

The ground floor again sees the construction of arched instruments in synergy with various institutions in Cremona. Fondazione Casa Stradivari, in collaboration with Museo del Violino and Comune di Cremona, organizes, as part of the Plan to safeguard traditional Cremona violinmaking, a Masterclass for four violinmakers in the Construction of the string instruments of the classical quartet according to the historical method based on Cremona internal form.

The four violinmakers selected to participate in the masterclass must build, over 18 months, two violins, a viola and a cello followed by internationally renowned masters (Davide Sora, Marcello Ive, Primo Pistoni) in the construction of instruments from the choice of materials to the final tuning, and coordinated by Fausto Cacciatori, Curator of the Violin Museum, and Bruce Carlson, famous violinmaker and restorer of historical instruments, which also deals with the specific studings on the tuning.

The four violinmakers also attend workshops on varnishing with Curzio Merlo in collaboration with CrForma, Museo del Violino, IIS Antonio Stradivari di Cremona, Laboratorio Arvedi di Diagnostica Non-Invasiva, Politecnico di Milano e l'Ufficio Unesco di Cremona. ​

During the 18 months the violinmakers also have the opportunity to study closely the instruments kept in the beautiful Treasure Box of the Violin Museum.

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