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Casa Stradivari, once the home and laboratory of the renowned luthier Antonio Stradivari, comes back to life thanks to the commitment of the Casa Stradivari Foundation.

Inspired by the 300-year journey of the violin The Angel, created by Stradivari in 1720, the Foundation has restored the house which will serve as a center for the protection and transmission of Cremonese violin-making knowledge, recognized as an intangible heritage by UNESCO in 2012.



Violinist and Artistic Director

How our story begins

Foto Viaggio Fabrizio von Arx - Stradivari The Angel ex Madrileno 1720 entra a Casa Stradivari

It’s 2020: the virtuoso violinist Fabrizio von Arx decides to embark on a unique journey on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of his Stradivari, The Angel - ex Madrileno 1720.

The journey includes seven stops to perform in concerts and meet artists of all kinds, followed by the John Blanch Production crew to make a documentary.

Destination: Cremona, where The Angel was built by the greatest violinmaker of all time, Antonio Stradivari.


Arriving at his destination, Fabrizio von Arx expresses the wish to film the final scene in the first residence of the Maestro, located in Corso Garibaldi 57, to immortalize the return home of his violin.

The building is still existing, but the situation is unimaginable: inside of it, in fact, houses a store of household products, and is partially dangerous.

The thought of restructuring the house and returning it to the community of Cremona was instictive, but with an artistic project unique in the world that would enhance it.

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