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Locandina Masterclass e Residenza Artistica Kit Armstrong

Starting in Cremona the artistic residences - masterclass of Casa Stradivari in collaboration with the Claudio Monteverdi Conservatory. To inaugurate the cycle of meetings has been the pianist and composer Kit Armstrong who has accompanied the students of the classes of the Conservatory of Cremona in a suggestive musical and artistic study.
The masterclass (open to the public) was January 31st at the Ridotto del Teatro Ponchielli from 10:00 to 17:00.
Kit Armstrong also met the students on 30th January at the C. Monteverdi Conservatory in Cremona and the masterclass ended on 1st February at Casa Stradivari.

The series of meetings is part of the wider cultural, artistic and educational project of Casa Stradivari. After the start of the Violinmaking Masterclass for young violinmakers apprentices, a further piece is dedicated to the students of the Conservatorio Monteverdi and to all music lovers with the aim of promoting moments of discussion and deepening.

“After the happy collaboration in the opening concert of Casa Stradivari with Maestro Von Arx, we are honored to continue the collaboration with the Casa Stradivari Foundation which represents for the students of the Conservatory an extraordinary opportunity for learning and meeting with great musicians such as Kit Armstrong. This initiative strengthens the link between the cultural institutions of our city and offers a valuable contribution to the musical training of our young talents. We thank Casa Stradivari for the shared vision and for the start of a path that will be a stimulating musical experience for all participants" says Anne Colette Ricciardi, director of the Claudio Monteverdi Conservatory.

"We are happy with the beginning of this new path of Casa Stradivari. Our cultural and educational project is particularly focused on building a virtuous dialogue between established artists, students and violinmakers, moments of discussion and growth that can be stimulating for the youngest. We thank the Conservatory for the valuable collaboration" says Fabrizio von Arx, artistic director of the Casa Stradivari Foundation.

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