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Support the achievement

of our artistic projects and

the preservation of cultural and musical heritage

Fondazione Casa Stradivari has renovated the old Nuptial House of the greatest violinmaker of all time, Antonio Stradivari, because it believes in the importance of the transmission of knowledge:


• traditional Cremonese violin craftsmanship, UNESCO Intangible Heritage since 2012 and secular art. Casa Stradivari has created a Violinmaking Masterclass, aimed at preserving this art and transmitting it to young violinmakers from all over the world;

• musical know-how, is a universal language that has accompanied and inspired mankind from the dawn of the times. Casa Stradivari, with the Music Masterclass, is contributing to the in-depth training of young musicians aged between 14 and 20 years;

• artistic knowledge, benefits from research and creativity. With the project "Artist in Residence", Casa Stradivari will host personalities and eminent representatives of all fields and artists of all genres to delve into cultural projects with their experience, creating a virtuous dialogue with students, musicians and the public; a creative dialogue that Stradivari passionately cultivated himself with his friends of the time.

You too can contribute to the realization of our artistic projects and the preservation of cultural and musical heritage.


IBAN: IT35V0569611400000011088X65
Account Holder: Fondazione Casa Stradivari ETS, Corso Garibaldi 57, 26100 Cremona, Italy
BIC/SWIFT: POSOIT22XXX            

ABI: 05696         

CAB: 11400


We will update you periodically on the news of Casa Stradivari and how your contribution has been fundamental in the realization of our project.

By donating you will enter the network of the Friends of Casa Stradivari, our community of fans of music, violinmaking, art and culture, not only participating in the activities of Casa Stradivari but bringing a personal contribution of your ideas as the protagonist of the activities themselves.
Here below you will find the various types of Friends: your name will be shown only if you express the wish, otherwise the donation will remain anonymous.

Every little contribution you wish to make, even symbolic, is an important support for projects offered through the activities of Casa Stradivari.

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By becoming a Friend of Casa Stradivari you will get: the newsletter, a personalized card, free access to the museums of Cremona and you will be able to participate in events of Casa Stradivari.


Your Friend membership will contribute to the realization of:

Violinmaking project 

Music project

Artistic residency


If you wish your donation to go to a specific project, you can indicate it by writing or calling:

+39 0372 423093

Thank you!

Fondazione Casa Stradivari

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